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About Us

    Influential technology, establish as a professional automation products supplier and providing engineering solutions for manufacturing industries. We offer wide range of sensor solutions, encoder solutions, process instrumentation solutions, motor and drive solutions of renowned brands. Our philosophy is to help factories to enhance productivity, safety and convenience while reducing energy consumption and running cost. We always give unsuppressed service and constantly look to improve. Our aim is to accompanying customers in the design and development of their systems, by providing customized solution designed as per requirements leading at international level in the development and production of factory automation. We stand for precession, pioneering spirit, a broad range of service and international awareness. We sticks with quality, competence, precision, highest technological standards and hence reliably satisfy the needs of the customer at all times. Our objectives is always to be a step ahead of the market to anticipate approaching needs sooner thus we are able to provide you with competent assistance. We wants to develop the best solution, with and for the customer, to do this we listen carefully, co-operate closely, this reliability is part of our identity. In order to guarantee constant quality, uncompromising reliability, we combine methods of team management with measures to achieve error-free processes which ensures that we can meet the high expectations to our customers in future.
    We are ambitious, work in a team, highly flexible and committed who those have passion for quality and